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About Sille Krukow

More than 15  years of experience in conducting behavioral design studies, measurably nudging consumers towards better, greener, and safer decision-making in global markets. Sille is the developer of the Krukow methodology for piloting and developing nudge solutions – a methodology that generates substantial business results on top of enabling great decision-making. She has substantial knowledge within the field of applied behavioral science, nudging, impact on and effective communication towards consumers and has been executing projects across sectors and industries on a global scale.

Keynote speaks and 


Sille is an internationally acknowledged keynote speaker and workshop facilitator within Nudge and Behavioral Design. She masters both inspirational online and offline talks, interactive lectures, and nudge-development workshops introducing behavioral insights, practical nudge examples, and simple step-by-step methods for nudge-development.   

“Sille Krukow was one of the highest-rated speakers at The MLC Congress/ Australia. The participants found her presentation excellent and her methods for nudging and behavioral change to be innovative and applicable to everyday lives.“

Angelina Ciccotti, Producer, George P. Johnson

“Participants at Sustainable Brands’ Corporate Member Meeting in NYC 2019 rated the workshop one of the best we have presented and said they gained both high-level principles on effective behavior change and tangible, relevant, and easy to apply methods that they could immediately put to use in their situation.”

KoAnn Skrzyniarz, Founder/CEO , Sustainable Brands Worldwide 


 She acts as a spokesperson and trusted advisor on CSR and sustainability-related and global agendas. Sille is a renowned and internationally acknowledged Nudge and Behavioral Design Expert, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, contributor of insights to the foreign press, TV host, and Guest Lecturer at several international universities. She is a mother of two, was born and raised in Denmark/ Scandinavia, and has an American father. 


Educational background: MA. Vis. Com.  

Nudge design

Sille Krukow represents a global team of behavioral designers, specialized in behavioral research, nudge, and solution design within resilience, sustainability, and safety. To explore our cases go to or send an email to 


"Adding Sille as a spokesperson for PR activities during the ”When You Drive Never Drink”-campaign, brought academic depth, to our communication and helped us optimize campaign elements and PR events“

Julia George

Sponsorship Manager

The HEINEKEN Company 

TV, and PR 

Sille is a frequent contributor to Danish and international media and brands. She hosts a TV show called "The Power of Habits", and is frequently featured in News and light science shows where she provides behavioral insights related to resilience, sustainability, health, and safety. Furthermore, she acts as a spokesperson for purpose-driven brands.  


Sille is frequently featured in international podcasts where she gives insight on how to design for behavior change to ensure resilience, health, sustainability, and safety. 



Cell      +45  26 70 41 23



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